Comparative and International Aspects of Criminal and Terrorism Funding

26-27 October 2015, Tilburg University, Netherlands

Building on the success of our previous events in Manchester and London, this final conference in the ‘Dirty Assets’ series explored comparative and international aspects of criminal and terrorism finances (both within and outwith the EU).

This AHRC-funded event brought together leading practitioners, policymakers, and academics to consider challenges and opportunities for the anti-assets strategy, and to identify research needs and future directions.

With contributions from law, criminology, political science, and economics, this event offered a multi- and inter-disciplinary approach to the anti-assets strategy at the national and supranational level. Discussion centred on a number of key areas, split between a focus successively on terrorism finances (CTF) and criminal finances (AML/PoC).

Day 1: Responses to Terrorism Finances

  • The first session considers the institutional arrangements regarding CTF with regional (European) and international (UN) perspectives. These arrangements must be considered not just as cellular responses but as interactive and cumulative.
  • The second session addresses a range of specific measures and the impacts of choices between them. This inquiry applies the application of sanctions in different contexts (including in situations of armed conflict) and how choices between regulation and criminal justice arise and apply.

Day 2: Responses to Criminal Finances

  • Focus will be on AML and PoC frameworks. Regulatory compliance and AML will be explored, with emphasis on banking and legal sectors
  • Given the prominence of AML and PoC as a law enforcement tool, there will be discussion of law and practice in different jurisdictions to consider examples of impact, effectiveness, and best practice.
  • There will be emphasis on obstacles to an effective AML and PoC regime, as well as focusing on key challenges ahead.


Panel 1: CTF Institutional Approaches
Panel 2: CTF Mechanisms
Panel 3: AML and Compliance
Panel 4: New Challenges for AML
Panel 5: International experiences of asset recovery
Panel 6: Asset recovery – looking back and looking forward