Emerging Challenges in Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

29 April 2016, Notre Dame Law School, South Bend, Indiana

Panel 1: Emerging Challenges in Combatting Money Laundering

  • Professor Richard Gordon, Case Western Reserve University
  • Dr Colin King, University of Sussex
  • Vijaya Ramachandran, Center for Global Development 

Panel 2: Emerging Challenges in Combatting Terrorist Financing

  • Professor Jimmy Gurulé, University of Notre Dame
  • Professor Christian Leuprecht, Royal Military College of Canada
  • Danielle Cotter, Global Center on Cooperative Security 

Panel 3: Emerging Challenges in Combatting the Financing of ISIS

  • Dr David Scharia, United Nations (UN)
  • Mark Vlasic Georgetown Law Center
  • Professor Clive Walker, University of Leeds